Book Manuscript

My book Ordinary Violence in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Film is about cultural responses to intangible violence in contemporary Dominican, Brazilian, and Peruvian literature and film.

In this book, I show that

  • Cultural texts can make visible economic, social, or political structures of violence that seem ordinary, or that are normalized through a global discourse of urban progress.
  • Violencia OrdinariaContemporary Latin American writers and filmmakers use internal focalization and transrealist representation to reveal that inequality is violence and that it generates further violence.
  • Cultural texts can represent violent urban realities without reproducing violence.
  • There are messages of resistance inscribed in cultural representations of “ordinary” systemic violence.

 My book provides insight on

  • The role of culture in building empathy and understanding in intercultural societies.
  • How Latin American literature and film subvert the invisibilization and dehumanization of exclusion.
  • How cultural texts act as discursive instruments that cause discomfort by destabilizing traditional notions of violence.
  • How cultural texts can function as a way to resist traumatic collective suffering.

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