technology iconsStudents in Dr. Pagán-Teitelbaum’s courses are encouraged to think critically about the power of cultural production to transform intercultural relations in contemporary societies. She uses pedagogical design and pro-active teaching techniques to promote student-centered learning. Instructional technology is fundamental to engage students in the foreign-language classroom. Dr. Pagán-Teitelbaum employs digital storytelling, e-Portfolios, aggregator blogs, podcasts, and online forums to promote divergent thinking and develop technology literacy. More than one hundred students communicate weekly in Spanish through her educational Twitter feed, Tuit de la Profesora.

Image technology and the world.

Blogs. e-Portfolios.
Student blogs and e-portfolios can be syndicated into a course aggregation blog to share and comment on each other’s work.

Audiovisual Podcasts on Vimeo.

The Literary Podcast.
Students write an original literary text and critique, then turn it into an
audiovisual podcast.

Twitter icon

Educational Twitter Project.
Students tweet in Spanish, connecting to the Hispanic world via contemporary technology thru the “Tuit de la Profesora” microblog and the course hashtag #VTUIT.

Samples of Student Creative Writing

Creative Writing.
Engages students in the recreation and adaptation of literary texts, using different styles and techniques to express new ideas related to their own interests.

Students Learn to Dance Salsa

Latin Dance Lessons.
Studies on human kinetics show that learning dance can enhance creative thinking, abstract thought, receptivity to new ideas, confidence, and intellectual performance.

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